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Living conditions

In our hotel we create comfort, hospitality and home atmosphere for all out guests. That is why we have made a list of Rules and Regulations for everybody without any exception.


  1. Staying in the room free of charge is not allowed.
  2. You can stay in the room after presenting your ID document.
  3. You should pay in full for the whole period of your stay while check-in.
  4. Payroll hour – 11:00; checkout time – before 11:00; check in time – 13:00. Checking into the hotel before 13:00 is possible only in case the rooms are available. If you plan to settle before check in time, you should pay 50% of the room rate. If you checked out later than payroll hour, i.e. after 12:00, you should pay additionally:

before 18:00 – 50% of the room rate;
after 18:00 – 100% of the room rate.

  1. After the guests move out, the room is totally cleaned up.
  2. Please, keep your room and the territory of our hotel clean.
  3. The cleaning of the room is made once in 3 days or on guest’s request (hang the door tag saying “Please, clean up”)
  4. Please, be polite to people living next door to you. During 22:00 – 7:00 turn down your TV and try to avoid loud conversations and laughing.
  5. Please follow the rules of fire safety system. In case of fire alarm you should remain calm and leave the building following the evacuation plan.
  6. In case of electricity problems you may use flashlights which you can find in every room.
  7. Every time you go out remember to turn off the taps, switch off the lights, air conditioners, and other electronic devises.
  8. Leave all your valuables and documents in safes in you room. The hotel administration is not responsible for the loss of your belongings.
  9. Please, take due care of the property and equipment of our hotel complex. While checking out – the room is checked. In case of damage, theft of property or technical devices, guests will be held responsible for this.  Prices will be provided by the administration.
  10. Your guests can visit you every day from 9:00 – 23:00. To have a visit permit they have to register at the hotel administrator.
  11. Children (together with adults) under 5 years are allowed free of charge (without giving an extra place).
  12. Please, don’t leave your children under 16 on the territory of our complex without supervision.
  13. Please keep ski equipment in a special room on the territory of our hotel complex.
  14. Please inform the administration in case of technical defects, problems with electricity, heating and water system.
  15. On arrival, please consult the administration about your parking place.
  16. Our hotel complex is video surveillance (except bathrooms and rooms).


“Vedmezha Hora” has the right to deny the guest in further residence in case of violation of our rules and in case of default of payment on a due date.

Denial of settlement, termination of residence

  • Guests can live in the hotel as many days as they paid for.
  • If guests constantly violate the rules which cause material damages or causes discomfort to other guests, the hotel administration has the right to deny the settlement or to evict the guests.
  • We also deny those guests who are drunk or drugged.

It is prohibited to:

  • give the keys from your room to strangers;
  • keep pets, birds, reptiles in rooms;
  • keep explosives, flammables, toxic materials, drugs, mercury, weapons in the room;
  • use electronic devices except those allowed.
  • move furniture without asking administrator permission.
  • smoke in rooms, halls and buildings of the hotel complex.
  • show aggression or to act against people’s safety, health or property;
  • bring to your room watermelons, melons, fish, meat, smoked food and other goods that can damage hotel’s property;
  • dry ski equipment and clothes on the radiators in the room;
  • dry mushrooms, berries and fruit in the room;
  • use fireworks and sparklers on the hotel territory without permission of the administration.