We have prepared a whole range of spa treatments for the guests of the resort. Carpathian hot tub, Finnish sauna, hot-and-cold bathing barrels, aroma sauna, salt room, and massage room are available all year round. Find out more.

Wellness Retreat

Relaxing alone with nature, active retreat, and walking out in the fresh air will make you feel happy and alive again. Find out more.

Bear’s Trail

Bear’s Trail is located in the woods. Walking barefoot on different natural surfaces is a unique therapy that gives you a new tactile experience. Find out more.

Wildlife Park

Wildlife park is part of the complex, where you can meet noble deers, boars, foxes, and domesticated birds. Find out more.

For Kids

Our team of animators entertains the youngest guests of the complex in the playroom in the winter. The terrace for kids featuring water slides and fountains is open in the summer. Find out more.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools for kids and parents, sunbathing terraces and parties for kids are open in the summer. Find out more.