The Carpathians are amazing with all their beauty of each trip. Together with the tourist company “Edelweiss” we have selected routes with the most beautiful mountains of the mountains and introduce you to local traditions and culture.

екскурсії Яремче

Hutsul palette

Ethnic travel to the center of Hutsul culture. The journey will lead to the house of Saint Nicholas, which takes guests throughout the year. This is a chance to learn the ancient Hutsul crafts in the masters of shoemakers: pottery and ceramics. And this is an opportunity to visit the bunkers capital – village Yavoriv, ​​where they still have the art of creating traditional woolen blankets.

Duration: from 10:00 to 19:00

Cost: 350 UAH adults, 175 UAH children (children under 14 years old)

Bukovel and waterfalls

Bukovel and waterfalls

A trip to the waterfalls of Zhenetian Guk and Trubanets, in spite of the picturesque landscapes of the Yablunyts’ky Pass, will lead to a unique place – the artistic gravel Percy. This is a valley where you can taste and buy Hutsul cheeses, to taste meodouks or uvar. In Bukovel you can: swim in the Lake of Youth; climb to the clouds on the balloon; jump from the tower and make some cool frames in the Inverted Hut. At the end of the trip there is brewery .

Duration: from 10:00 to 18:00

Cost: 300 UAH adults, 150 UAH children (children under 14 years old)

Скелі Довбуша

Dovbush rocks

The journey will take place through the most famous figure of Yaremche district – the local Robin Hood – Oleksa Dovbush. A trail awaits you with a charming forest surrounded by beech and fir, covered with moss stones to the Dovbush Rock. Rumor has it that in one of the secret caves here Dovbush has hidden its treasures. However, the scenery that opens from the Rock is already a reward for walking along the route.

Duration: 3 hours

Going over: 3 km

Cost: 100 UAH adults, 50 UAH children (children under 14 years old)

Фотопохід на гору Шпиці

Photohike to the Spitz Mountain

On the way to the mountain you will be able to throw on alpine meadows, eat blueberries (the berry season for the Carpathians begins in July and lasts almost until the fall). From the top of the Spits Mountain you will have a view of the Chornohora Range, on the left you will see Brebenskul, Dzembron, Vuhany Kamin, to the right – Turkul, Hoverla, Petros. On the way, there will meet Hajinskie waterfalls, flowing from high mountains down. The highest cascade reaches 6 meters.

Duration: from 08:00 to 20:00

Going over: 14 km

Cost: 600 UAH adults, 300 UAH children (children under 14 years old)

Похід на гору Хом’як

Hike to Mount Khomyak

Route can overcome every traveler. As you climb a mountain streamer you will come across a river and waterfalls. In the meadow you can see rare plants, even find edelweiss. In the kolyba from May to September, shepherds live, local cheese – brynza and vuard can be purchased. The summit of the Khomyak Mountain is covered with huge stones, boulders, and landscapes are opened so that the spirit captures.

Duration: from 10:00 to 17:00

Going over: 7 km

Cost: 350 UAH adults, 175 UAH children (children under 14 years old)