For Kids

Happy Bear Club

There are two floors dedicated to entertainment for the kids. The first floor is an area for master classes, animated movies screening, and evening discos. The activity program changes every week. The second floor is an active recreation area. There are labyrinths with obstacles, pools filled with balls, ping pong and football tables.



Протягом року у комплексі працює активно-розважальний міні-клуб «Веселе ведмежа». Турботливі аніматори подбають про те, щоб найменші відвідувачі не нудьгували.

Petting Zoo

Wildlife park

There is the Wildlife Park with a variety of domesticated birds and wild animals near the hotel. You can observe the wildlife of deers, wild boars, foxes, and peacocks. Any child will be excited to meet them.